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Latenick’s TONITE! A comedy open Mic in STL.MO

Yeah. I pretty much made this post as an excuse to show these videos.




Best comedy shows in Janurary 2013

Latenick’s getting some love from the RFT

Dan Chopin and friends at the Dubliner Jan 11th and 12th

Comedy Night returns to the Dubliner Pub on Jan. 11-12 with Dan Chopin (HBO, SHOWTIME, MTV), Andi Smith (COMEDY CENTRAL, LAST COMIC STANDING) along with Erik Ankers and Kenny Kinds – two of the funniest up-and-coming STL Comics. Showtime 8:30 pm

Buy tickets online:

Close But No Cigar. Documentary on Comedian Bob Zany.

Bob Zany is a comedian that has had a career that has spanned 30 years including a debut on the Gong Show.

The following documentary explores his career and why he never got a one hour special.

Eddie Pepitone @ Foam Nov 16th

The comic’s comic, Eddie Pepitone will be at the St.Louis International Film Festival promoting his new documentary, “The Bitter Buddha“.


I’ll be hosting a special show Nov 16th at Foam along with Kris wernowsky, JC Sibala and Kevin White.


Tickets are only $10.
Pre-sale tickets can be purchased here:


Foam - 3359 S Jefferson Ave, St Louis, MO 63118






As newbie standup comedian how do i promote myself? from Wayne Manigo

I’ve been going at stand up for about two years now and I’m finally at that magical point where I have no idea what to do next. My goal now is to thoroughly read EVERYTHING while trying to get better at this craft.

Here are a couple of articles that you may find ineresting from Wayne Manigo via his Addicted to Comedy blog at Stagetime Magazine.


First: What is your comedy strategy?

Most comics today are single entities. They must promote themselves to get booked and create interesting content to get fans. This article is a good primer on what to ask yourself when creating content for the web through blogging, podcast, video and what-have-you.




Have you ever been called a hater because you question something you didn’t understand? When I’m on the web, I will review a lot of websites, videos, and other social media updates from comedians. A part of me wants to learn what works for those who are trying to expand their fan base and develop their career. The business model for comedy keeps changing, and so has the strategy for building a career within it.


Remember the days when you needed a manager or an agent to get started in comedy?  Of course you don’t – the internet has eliminated the need for representation, at least until your career begins to take off. It doesn’t take much to set up accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. I encourage everyone to utilize these tools, but I’m having a problem with “Comedy Elephant Hunting.”  Yes, I made that term up! So many comedians are jumping on the bandwagon when it comes to promoting themselves via social media, but they’re using these tools without considering how to implement them in a useful manner. They post updates without considering their target audience, and attempt to attract everyone. 


Get the rest of the article here:

They call him the streak~

Either this was planned or that guy just became a recently murdered streaker.

Here’s my take on deadbeat dad’s

Shmomedy Show! Sept 28 2012 at the Fox Hole Theater.

Shmomedy Show! Sept 28 2012 at the Fox Hole Theater. w/ Erik Anker, Kenny Kinds, andrew Frank and Frankie Chubb and musical guest, Stonechat


$5 at the door

Shmomedy Show! Sept 29 2012 at the Fox Hole Theater.

The Comedy Hour – hosted by Kyle Merriweather

The Comedy Hour- Columbia ,MO

I’ll be performing here along with some other great comedians, Aug 31st.

At the beautiful Missouri Theater in Columbia, MO.